The Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) serves as the central organization representing about 971 recruiting agencies in Nepal. Dedicated to promoting safe migration, NAFEA safeguards the rights of both workers and its member organizations.

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Mr. Megh Nath Bhurtel -General Secretary

The Secretariat is at the center of NAFEA, responsible for the Organization’s smooth and efficient operation. Specifically, the Secretariat is charged with: Liaising, communicating with and providing a range of services to members and corporate partners. Maintaining and building relationships with Ministry of Labor & Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment and officials, and with other National/International organizations. Raising awareness and enhancing the image of NAFEA with interest groups, the media, think tanks, academia and the public in general. The Secretariat team is small but efficient, passionate, dedicated and versatile in its delivery of services. It provides members and corporate partners with access to a wealth of experience and expertise, concentrated in a multicultural and multilingual team that is committed to inclusivity, transparency and respect."