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Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA)

  • Message from President

    Message from President

    I am delighted to have this golden opportunity to serve Nepalese Recruiting Agencies, Migrant Workers and Job Seekers as an elected president of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies NAFEA 

    In the global labor market millions of people are moving from one city & country to another in search of better work with attractive salaries. About 500,000 job seekers come to the labor market every year and among them almost 400,000 people are being migrated to 183 countries for employment every year. Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies NAFEA is an umbrella organization of 853 Nepalese Recruitment Agencies. NAFEA has a long history of 35 years to provide safe foreign employment to Nepali youths going for foreign employment. NAFEA will always be at the forefront for the welfare and advancement of entrepreneurs and workers and will always be active in making the foreign employment sector more organized.


    Rajendra Bhandari.                                                                                                     

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